Do you struggle with collecting and tracking your workforce labor data? Or are you losing money due to errors associated with your timekeeping procedures? Improve productivity and reduce labor costs by accurately collecting and tracking your workforce labor data. A trusted web based time and attendance software is all you need!

An automated time and attendance system can cut your administrative labor costs, minimize overpayments, and reduce compliance risks.

SBS Payroll’s automated time and attendance solutions can save you both time and money by reducing labor costs, increasing compliance, and mitigating risk. Our scalable timekeeping solutions collect time data remotely or on-site, import time data directly into your payroll, and our mobile solutions are GPS enabled for accuracy. SBS offers the following types of technology to collect your employee data

  • Biometric (finger print or hand scan)
  • Swipe cards
  • Face scanning technology
  • Proximity readers
  • Internet web-punch
  • Cellular
  • Employee PIN
  • Cloud-based employee time tracking

We work with top time clock providers to give you the best in value-added service. SBS provides you with the ability to import your time and attendance data directly into your payroll, saving your time, improve employee attendance system, increasing productivity, and ensuring accuracy.