Financial & Data Protection

SSAE 18 Audit

SSAE 18 is an audit that effectively examines a company’s internal procedural framework, serving to strengthen SBS Payroll’s internal controls and promote change or improvements where needed. The SSAE 18 audit provides clients with an added guarantee that SBS strictly monitors payroll funds, tax trust accounts, and sensitive client/employee data with internal controls.

$50 Million Dollar Crime Bond

SBS Payroll’s $50 million crime bond covers client funds for losses incurred as a result of fraudulent acts by specified individuals. This insurance policy protects from losses of company monies, securities, and other properties that SBS manages.

Annual External Financial Audit

Annual financial audits provide an objective examination of SBS Payroll’s financial statements. The annual audit is conducted by an independent CPA firm and ensures that our financial statements fairly represent SBS Payroll’s fiscal position, therefore reducing investor and client risk.

Semi-Annual Internal Financial Audits

SBS also conducts semi-annual internal financial audits to improve accuracy and timeliness. Our focus on internal controls provides added assurance that employees are following SBS Payroll’s strict accounting policies when handling sensitive information.

Data Backup

SBS utilizes live data replication services, so all data is backed up continuously. Daily backup onto multi-gigabyte LTO tapes using high- speed LTO tape drives are rotated and stored offsite as an additional proactive data backup measure.

Network Security

The network is connected to the Internet via multiple high-speed data lines that are both wired and wireless for redundancy. All lines are protected by a state-of- the-art & high-end enterprise UTM firewall system that provides high-level security and advanced network protection. Client access to the network is over secured HTTP and secured FTP. Web access is also secured by 256-bit encryption SSL.

Building and Physical Security

The SBS Payroll offices are located within a secured building and a key card is required to enter the main lobby area after hours. While the lobby is accessible during regular business hours, the SBS suite has a key pad to restrict entry, each employee receives a unique PIN to access the secured areas. All paper files are kept in locked, fireproof cabinets to ensure the safety of our physical files. Check stock and check printing equipment is maintained in a secondary secured room within our suite; only employees who manage the task of printing or handling live checks have access to the secured production room. All visitors must check in at the front desk and are escorted by authorized SBS personnel in secured areas.