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SBS Payroll Pitches in for School Supply Drive 2018

Ask any kid what they hate about the end of summer, and they’ll probably tell you it’s the start of the school year. Returning to daily schedules, extracurricular activities and worst of all, homework is enough to take the spring out of any kid’s step.

This is especially true if they’re homeless.

Project Hope Alliance

Project Hope Alliance, an Orange County-based homeless advocacy group, has been helping the county’s estimated 28,000 homeless students get the school supplies they need in order to succeed in school and escape the cycle of poverty. They do that by running back to school drives each year, enlisting local companies to collect school supplies such as backpacks, water bottles and clothing retailer gift cards.

SBS Payroll and Payroll Tax Management

This summer, SBS Payroll along with sister company Payroll Tax Management stepped up and did their part to help Orange County’s children escape homelessness. Over the three-week-drive, SBS associates donated three boxes worth of calculators, markers, notebooks and other supplies. They also donated cleaning products, books and a $50 Old Navy gift card.

“We felt the drive was very successful,” said FBG Holdings Human Resources Analyst, Alex Lee. “We surpassed all expectations. The OC office really came together as a group to make the drive a success. It feels good the company was able to come together and provide much-needed supplies for the children in our community.” According to their website, Project Help Alliance serves more than 400 children attending 91 schools in 31 of Orange County’s cities.

Education for a Brighter Future

Studies have shown education is one of the best ways people can escape poverty. By giving Orange County’s most vulnerable students the tools they need to learn, SBS Payroll both gives hope to homeless students and helps create a brighter future for all. Contact us to learn more about SBS Payroll

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