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What Your Payroll Specialist Should Offer

A large quantity of companies today struggle to complete important responsibilities on their own. As a result, many decide to outsource these obligations to a third-party service provider like SBS Payroll. With so many options on the market, it’s crucial for businesses to locate a payroll specialist that truly meets their needs – both now and in the future.

Let’s take a look at what payroll specialists should offer their clients to ensure the process is efficient as possible:

A payroll partner should be able to provide certain features.

Easy implementation

One of the reasons organizations may hesitate to add a third-party provider is the stress that comes with introducing new people, an updated system and more. The best partners will offer a simple implementation, including an easy training period. With the market focusing on scalable, SaaS-like options, the right specialist just may take a little more research. Some providers will allow businesses to educate their employees on a piece-by-piece basis, training workers as each portion of the system is introduced or integrated to the current solution.

Assistance with NSF notices

Sometimes, mistakes happen. Companies think they have the accurate amount of funds needed to make a payroll transfer only to discover they were incorrect. While these situations happen and can be dealt with quickly, other, more dangerous instances – like those involving fraudulent accounts and requests – can be much more troublesome. When non-sufficient fund notices are present, it’s imperative that they’re dealt with as quickly as possible. Organizations need a partner that can provide tracking for these errors. By recording every step of the transaction, payroll specialists can spot examples of troublesome processing.

A team at your disposal

Companies work with a third-party for additional help with the payroll process. They don’t want a partner that will implement new software and then disappear, unavailable for assistance should future problems arise. Specialists should be reachable during business hours, at the very least. These professionals should be able to share their experience with the payroll industry from compliance to ways to make a business’s actions more effective. A team of partners at an organization’s disposal is a critical element that must be offered by a third party.

W-2 assistance

As any employee knows, there’s a lot of paperwork that must be managed. From the forms that deal with compliance to the Affordable Care Act to documents determining the difference between employees and independent contractors, the responsibilities are endless. Perhaps one of the most important forms businesses must keep track of are workers’ W-2s.

This wage and tax statement must be completed by the organization itself and then distributed to employees by a particular date. With so many other obligations on their plate, it may be difficult for employers to stay up to date on this important matter, especially if the date for submission changes. Partners should be able to provide guidance on these documents and take care of the completion and delivery on their own.

While W-2 form assistance should be a given, any other paperwork assistance available will be favorably received from companies. If partners can help with ACA documentation and 1099 forms, businesses will be more satisfied with this relationship.

The decision to hire a third-party service provider to lend a hand to the payroll process is an important choice for companies. The selection does include an additional expense, but can save businesses money in the long run by avoiding non compliance penalties and unhappy workers. There are certain elements partners should be able provide, although many are unable to offer such comprehensive service.

SBS Payroll, on the other hand, offers every feature listed and many, many more. The trusted team of professionals will help companies work their way through challenging obligations with ease.Contact us to learn about payroll, HR, HCM, benefits, and time clock services

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