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How Your Payroll Gets Processed

Have you ever wondered what happens to your payroll data once it is received at SBS Payroll’s offices and how your paychecks are produced?

The payroll processing procedure starts when a company submits their payroll through Payentry or M3. The payroll is electronically stamped with the current time and date the moment SBS Payroll’s servers receive it. Submitted payrolls are in a locked state and cannot be changed by the client or even SBS staff, which means that the data you submitted to SBS is secure.

After the payroll is processed and printed, our Production Team takes care of packaging the payroll and sending it out.

Each payroll has individual “packout” notes that must be carefully followed. Some of them require different packaging methods, which include whether or not the paychecks are stuffed and if the envelopes are sealed, among other options. Some payrolls also have additional instructions for special sorting and split wrapping (separating the checks into separate bundles).

After the packaging notes have been executed, SBS Payroll runs a quality control check. Then the package is sealed and shipped out using the specific delivery method(s) specified for that client payroll package. The most common method of delivery is via an overnight service.

SBS Payroll’s Production Team places a high priority on client data security and shipping accuracy. Please contact our Customer Service Team at 855-591-9864, extension 1 if you have questions or would like to make adjustments regarding the way your payroll is packaged or shipped.Contact us to learn about payroll, HR, HCM, benefits, and time clock services

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