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One Way to Reduce Payroll Costs: Per Employee Billing

The recent Chicago Business Journal article, 10 Things to Ask Before Choosing a Payroll Services Company, posed the following in question #4: “What Is the Per-Payroll Cost?”:

“Payroll companies may charge a flat fee with additional costs per check or based on the frequency of the payments to employees. There also might be costs such as a base account fee and extra charges for tax filing and direct deposits. Other possibilities are fees for adding or dropping employees or adjusting employee information. Better to know those now.”

Simplified Billing Structure

When it comes to our payroll service pricing, we charge based on per active employee on a monthly basis and not per payroll. Thus, if you know how many employees you have, you can predict what your costs will be for each month instead of each payroll. Otherwise, it’s difficult for organizations with multiple frequencies, which we see a lot. This typically also amounts to considerable cost savings for our clients.

Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, other payroll companies per payroll billing often leads to their clients feeling “nickeled and dimed” with complicated invoicing to boot.

More Best Practices

Here are all “10 Things” from the Chicago Business Journal article (the article goes into much more detail):

  • What services do you offer?
  • Can you customize your offerings?
  • What’s the payroll company’s reputation?
  • What is the per-payroll cost? Will there be any hidden charges?
  • How long is your response time?
  • How do you relay information?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • What’s your liability?
  • How secure are your processes when handling employee data?

Read the 10 Things to Ask Before Choosing a Payroll Services Company article here

Next Steps

At SBS, we believe in simplicity. We offer a flat monthly fee structure based on active employees. You’ll know exactly what to expect with our simplified billing structure including no hidden fees or difficult invoices. It’s another way to gain predictability and consistency with your payroll billing.Contact us to learn about per employee billing and payroll, HR and HCM services

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