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3 HR-Payroll Pain Points & How to Overcome Them: A Whitepaper

It’s getting harder for HR departments in small and mid-sized businesses to keep up with ever-changing government regulations and effectively engaging the Millennial workforce. Then there’s the daily whirlwind of dealing with payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance records, and employee onboarding – and having to do all of the above for an increasing number of employees but not an increasing HR staff.

Surviving & Thriving in Today’s HR

HR professionals that address these challenges effectively benefit from a happy C-suite and engaged employees. Those that don’t will continue to suffer from the anxiety of not knowing how to effectively handle what lies around the next corner.

SBS knows your pain. It’s our business to make your life easier by offering HR and payroll solutions that include services and software. We’ve also written a new whitepaper entitled 3 HR-Payroll Pain Points & How to Overcome Them. We hope this whitepaper will give you clarity on new resources to help you survive and thrive in today’s HR.

Whitepaper Highlights

Our latest whitepaper covers how you can overcome three major HR and payroll challenges:

  • Ensuring compliance with changing laws & regulations: from FUTA to FLSA to Obamacare
  • Doing more with less: HRIS vs. HRMS vs. HCM, integration with payroll and harnessing workflow automation
  • Engaging Millennials: how to effectively engage the new workforce who want more out of their employment

Your Payroll & HCM Partner

SBS Payroll works with businesses throughout Southern California to do more with less, provide access to one of the industry’s leading HCM solutions, and effectively engage with the Millennial workforce. What can we do for you?Download Our Overcoming Payroll Pain Points whitepaper Today

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