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SBS Payroll Helps Country Club Achieve Growth

Located at the base of the exclusive Palos Verdes Peninsula, the Rolling Hills Country Club has been a destination for golfers since 1965. And when he was hired by the club as their new Director of Human Resources, Fred Damavandi faced three challenges.

First, the golf club had just completed a massive renovation. Second, Fred had to hire (and rehire) staff who’d been displaced during the renovation when the club was closed. Finally, RHCC was migrating from a paper-based HR system to a digital system.

“When I arrived they were still operating with pen and paper,” says Fred, “so the only way (people) could apply, find a job, anything was coming in and speaking with somebody and filling out some papers.”

He hired 100 employees in six weeks.

SBS Payroll Digital HR Solutions Help Companies Grow

“We hired our very first person on Oct. 3, 2017 digitally,” says Fred. “And then the big push for the 90-plus employees were in the months of mid-November to mid-December.”

RHCC has had a 15-year relationship with SBS Payroll, a leading provider of payroll, HR and human capital management (HCM) solutions in Southern California. SBS has been an innovator in digital HR and payroll systems.

“To me, the most important part about being digital is managing your applicant pool,” says Fred. “Today’s applicants are very finicky, and they blow like the wind. You either reel them in, or they’re on to the next job. That’s a lesson I learned really early on in my HR career. If you don’t get them in the door and turn them around between 48 or 72 hours, the chances of bringing them to you are slim and none.”

Easy Onboarding and Fair Hiring: Some of the Benefits of Digital Systems

Digital solutions can make time-consuming activities such as onboarding and application tracking much easier. Both played important roles during RHCC’s hiring process.

“I don’t think (our growth) would’ve been possible… bringing that many employees and onboarding them at a specific time,” Fred says. “We had a deadline, we had an outside training company that needed the entire staff here at a certain date. So we had to have everybody onboarded by a certain time so that they could go through two weeks of training before the grand opening.”

According to Fred, there are other benefits to migrating to a digital platform, one of which is fairness in hiring. “I get people coming into my office, ‘I want to apply.’ I literally say this, ‘I’m so sorry, I don’t want to see your resume.’ I can’t! Even if I wanted to see it, I can’t.

“The reason you create a digital platform is to be so many other things, but it’s compliant with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission),” Fred says. “I don’t see your face, I see your qualifications. EEOC wants you to go through your first 10 (applicants). And you look at the next ten. And the next ten. I don’t cherry-pick – there’s number one, I like number four’s name, and number ten is a female, so I want to have her and eliminate the guys… I can’t do that stuff.”

Make Sure Digital is the Right Choice… and You’re Ready for it

Fred cautions other companies thinking about making a move to a digital HR system. “Number one, you need manager buy-in. So what’s your plan to get that manager buy-in? They have to support you from day one, because they’re the ones who are going to get frustrated and want to go back to the old system on day 15. And manager buy-in is huge.

“The second thing you need to make sure you’re planning for is, is it even right for you? If the majority of your workforce is second-language learning and a little bit older, not as computer literate, you’re going to have to do a lot of hand-holding the first year. Literally, people clicking buttons for them in the office.”

What SBS Payroll Can Do for You

SBS Payroll has helped many companies achieve their goals and grow their business. More than just a payroll company, SBS also offers iSolved, a robust HCM product. The combination of HCM and payroll allows our clients to have a single point of data entry, streamlining the process from onboarding to retirement.

We’ve helped RHCC grow and thrive after they made massive changes to their business. If you’d like to know more about our products and services, contact us today.Contact us to learn about our payroll and HR services

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