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Ensuring Payroll Compliance with Changing Laws & Regulations

In just the last few months, there have been changes to the California minimum wage, FUTA credits affecting how much more California employers have to pay, and the implementation of new FLSA overtime rules that were later halted by a federal judge.

How to Keep Up

You’ve got two choices to keep up with all of these changes:

  • Dedicate 1-2 staff members to monitor, implement and comply with all labor law news
  • Rely on a partner to keep up with them for you and to let you know when you need to make changes and who can also help you make these changes

Buyer Beware

If you choose the latter, just make sure you understand how they keep up with changes themselves, how they communicate these changes and how many communications they’ve sent out in the last six months. Many payroll providers claim to have this capability but the devil is in the details.

Your Payroll & HCM Partner

SBS Payroll works with businesses throughout Southern California to ensure they are meeting payroll compliance and keeping pace with the ever changing laws and regulations. An HCM partner should be able to address all your payroll, HR, benefits administration and time and attendance needs. What can we do for you?Contact SBS Payroll today to learn more about our payroll and HR services 

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