Beyond the paper check. SBS Payroll offers several convenient employee payment alternatives: Direct Deposit Payroll Service, PayCards, or OBC Bank Reconciliation. Choose the option that best meets your company’s and employees’ needs.

Direct Deposit

Most employees prefer paycheck direct deposit to paper checks, because funds automatically arrive in their bank account each payday, saving a trip to the bank and giving them immediate access to their funds.

Employer benefits:

  • Saves time and money
  • Simplify payroll process
  • Minimize bank reconciliation
  • No need to replace lost, stolen or damaged checks.


The rapid! PayCard offered by SBS Payroll provides your company with one of the most comprehensive paycard benefit and ePayroll programs designed for employers choosing to convert to electronic delivery of payroll at zero cost. The rapid! PayCard builds real value for our clients with the successful adoption of the paycard into their organization through comprehensive marketing, training and support.

The rapid! PayCard, ePayStub, and online W-2 forms eliminate paper in the payroll office to benefit employers, employees, and the environment.

  • rapid! PayCard – Convert all eligible employees over to standard direct deposit. Eliminate payroll checks.
  • ePayStub – Provide paystubs electronically to all employees and eliminate paystub distribution.
  • eW-2 – Reduce your company’s requirement to mail paper W-2s by providing electronic access.
  • The ePayStub and online W-2 forms provide multiple outlets for employees to view their electronic statements and tax documents.

Your company can expect to see immediate savings and realize efficiencies by eliminating distribution of regular paychecks and wage statements with SBS Payroll’s PayCard solutions.

OBC Bank Reconciliation

The process of reconciling bank statements for your company is a time consuming and tedious process, especially when you factor in employee paychecks. SBS Payroll’s OBC Bank Reconciliation services will ease your reconciliation headaches.

Simplify accounting functions and improve the accuracy of your financial statements. SBS Bank Reconciliation Services offer the following benefits:

  • A single transfer to reconcile all employee paychecks
  • Easy and accessible check deposits nationwide
  • Eliminates the risk of check fraud with fraud protection

We work with exclusive partners in the banking industry to offer business-friendly bank reconciliation services. Your employee paychecks are written on a trust account, which means you have only one transfer to reconcile. Let SBS handle the reconciliation of your employee paychecks, saving your accounting team time and allowing you to get back to your core business. Payroll software direct deposit will make it easy for you!