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Nursing Home PBJ Reporting Solution

Complying with the Affordable Care Act’s Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) reporting requirements can be a daunting task for nursing home administrators but, despite the talk about repealing the ACA, PBJ reporting is here to stay.

By utilizing time and attendance software from Time Rack, one of our sister companies under the Financial Business Holdings (FBGH) umbrella, you can now generate a correctly formatted PBJ report each quarter that can be quickly and easily uploaded to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) every quarter.

What Are PBJ Requirements?

CMS requires that nursing homes capture of detailed census and staffing information in the form of an PBJ report in XML format, including contract and agency employees. The information is used by the CMS to gauge the quality of care in nursing homes. This information must be electronically submitted to CMS every quarter by the following dates:

  • Q1: May 15
  • Q2: August 14
  • Q3: November 14
  • Q4: February 14

Reporting requirements began July 1, 2016 and cover a broad range of employees, from nursing directors to therapists, to clinical laboratory positions. Mistakes can expose a facility to citations and even financial penalties. But with the right time and attendance software, the process can be as easy as two clicks of a mouse.

PBJ Reporting

Since 2004, Time Rack has helped nursing homes streamline the tracking and monitoring of all meals, breaks, and overtime, then calculate and manage comp time, monitor errors, and manage other time policies for complete and accurate time cards.

Now, Time Rack time and attendance software can now also produce PBJ reports. With a click of the mouse, Time rack produces the XML PBJ file that you can upload to the CMS website with another click of the mouse. Two clicks and you’re done, every quarter.

As a result, Time Rack – available to all SBS Payroll & HR clients – saves you time and aggravation, while also improving the accuracy of ACA reporting. That’s time you can use to focus on your patients.Contact us to learn more about PBJ reporting

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