New Whitepaper: How to Increase Employee Satisfaction through Onboarding

Since the Great Recession has passed, the job market has heated up, particularly for young, eager and cheaper employees – yep, the Millennials.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Millennial disinterest in prospective employers because of vintage websites and/or lack of social media presence. Once you get past these and other hurdles of the interview and selection process, it’s time for the employee’s first real experience of your company: the onboarding process, and our new whitepaper explains how to do so effectively.

Millennial Onboarding

Which do you think is going to reinforce a Millennial’s decision to take the job as the right one versus having their first “oh crap” moment:

  • Paper form after form, and having them also enter information into vintage on-premise human resources information system (HRIS) or human resources management (HRM) software that looks like it’s compatible with Windows 3.1, or
  • Having them enter all their information into an intuitive, cloud based human capital management (CPM) software with your company’s branding – with no IT support needed

Whitepaper Highlights

If you would like to ensure that the second scenario is how you onboard your new Millennial (and all other) employees, then read this whitepaper to learn how to do it right – beginning with the employee’s first interaction with your company.

After all, employee performance, satisfaction and retention often depend on how quickly and effectively they have been oriented and socialized into your company’s administration and culture. A recent report by the Aberdeen Group revealed that 77% of employees that participate in a formal onboarding program meet their first performance milestone.

Specifically, this whitepaper identifies how to choose the right HCM software to achieve the following onboarding steps, paperlessly:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Employee Information Capture
  • Benefits Enrollment

Download the onboarding whitepaper

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