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New OSHA Deadline Approaching for Electronic Submission

Businesses subject to a new electronic submission requirement designed to improve the tracking and reporting of workplace injuries and illnesses have until July 1 to submit their data to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The new rule applies to injury and illness records companies record on onsite OSHA forms, creating a new requirement to submit data electronically. The agency has said it plans to publish some of the data on its website in an effort to “nudge” employers to focus on safety and to encourage more accurate reporting.

New Rule Designed to Improve Workplace Safety

“As we have seen in many examples, more attention to safety will save the lives and limbs of many workers and will ultimately help the employer’s bottom line as well,” the agency explained on its website. “OSHA believes that public disclosure will encourage employers to improve workplace safety and provide valuable information to workers, job seekers, customers, researchers and the general public.”

The rule is expected to undergo what could be significant revising under the Trump administration, and industry objections have already led to delayed enforcement of some provisions. But the July 1 reporting deadline for certain businesses still stands.

The amount of information required for submission varies by company size and by industry type.

For example, businesses with between 20 and 249 employees in one of 66 industries designated “high-risk” are required to submit their Form 300A data electronically by July. 1. Businesses with more than 250 employees are required to submit only Form 300A summary data, while the agency reopens the rule for additional comment and consideration of whether the rule should be revised.

How to Submit Electronic Injury Reports to OSHA

Submissions can be made to the OSHA website by one of three methods:

  • The manual entry of data onto a webform
  • Creation of a CSV file for upload of single or multiple establishments
  • Electronic submission from an automated record-keeping system via an application programming interface (API)

Under current plans, the deadline for electronic submissions will move to March 2 in 2019.

The new rule also imposed additional requirements on employers designed to encourage employees to report on-the-job injuries and illnesses without fear of retaliation, including a requirement that employees be informed of their reporting rights.  Enforcement of some provisions began in December 2016.

Keeping Up with Workplace Regulations

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