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Payroll & HCM Implementation: What I Wish Clients Knew | SBS

As Implementations Supervisor at SBS Payroll, Jeanette Duran oversees a team focused on facilitating new client implementation for SBS’s payroll and human capital management software. This expertise has given her firsthand insight into the many advantages of the digital office. Below she offers some thoughts on what companies should know about the process and advantages of switching to digital solutions.

  • You’re spending more time than you think on manual processes. Companies often do not have a clear picture of how much time they devote to manual processes. An audit of how much time you’re spending on practices like the manual entry of employee onboarding documents may surprise you. With digital transformation, clients find that “the savings come back into their accounts over and over again,” Duran says.
  • Worry is a tax you pay in sleep and headaches. State-of-the art payroll and payroll tax software provides automatic updates and improved accuracy, reducing worries about expensive tax compliance or payroll errors. HR software can help you stay on top of workplace laws and regulations.
  • Employee onboarding can be reduced from hours to minutes: Usually a day-long affair when done manually, onboarding can be completed in as little as 10 minutes with electronic forms and signatures. New hires take a more active role and can fill out and sign digital forms before their first day of work. The digital forms are especially helpful for union employees, who often have a lot of paperwork.
  • Digital healthcare enrollment eliminates energy-sapping manual drudgery. As healthcare prices go up year after year, there’s a lot of switching of carriers, new deductibles and other information that has to be entered, often in multiple places. With a digital system, these chores can be reduced dramatically, with automatic updates that integrate with payroll records.
  • The digital office creates empowered employees. Employees like the convenience of digital anytime access to their payroll, benefits or personnel records. Your HR staff benefits from the fact that employees can update their tax information or direct deposit information online without having to visit the human resources department to fill out paper forms.
  • Implementing digital solutions is easier than you think. The experts at SBS payroll have implementation and training down to a science and we’re here for ongoing support for as long as it takes. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Put Digital Solutions to Work for Your Business

What could you do for your business with a little more time and a little less worry? Contact SBS Payroll today to learn more about digital payroll and HR solutions for your office.

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