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Tips for Improving Performance Reviews

Female leader providing 1:1 coaching to coworker

You want to start off 2021 on the right foot and enable your staff to improve their performance so reviews come easier the next time around. Proper performance improvements begin from the top down in most workplaces. A staff is only as good as its leadership and the leadership’s ability to help employees achieve goals across their organization. [1] Here are some best practices to help coach your staff and increase performance accuracy and productivity.

Help your team GROW

GROW is a model developed in the 80s for the purpose of structuring a process of coaching and mentorship.[2] Since leadership is never out of style, we will briefly cover what GROW means and how it impacts your business structure.


At this beginning stage, you want to identify your target. Use the SMART Method to construct a concise objective that can be communicated and well-achieved. Make sure you are able to determine factors, such as goals aligning with business objectives and monitoring the progress of reaching the desired result.


In the second stage, you are to assess your current position. Understanding where you begin is an important stage of this model and building a foundation for increasing performance. Answer the questions, “Did the goal I set in the first stage conflict with any other objectives?” and “Have I already progressed towards completion or failure of the goal?”


The third phase of the GROW method is identifying all alternative directions that allow for both the completion of the goal, as well as those that hinder your progress. Think of this stage as understanding the terrain of your roadmap, such as identifying pitfalls, shortcuts, and shortcomings that may be on the path of reaching the desired result.

W-Will/Way Forward:

Finally, after identifying your target, assessing your current situation, and determining contingents, you are ready to apply the final piece to structuring your performance plan. This stage is meant for you to determine your first and subsequent steps to achieve your plan. Answer the questions, “How and when will you move forward?” and “How do you continue to move forward given any setbacks?” This stage is also where you determine the appropriate timeline to review progress in terms of reaching your goal.

The GROW model is an invaluable tool for setting the criteria of success. Pair this with active, mindful coaching of your staff and you are well on your way to creating an environment for peak performance and business success.

Given our many years in business, SBS Payroll prides itself on its capacity to elevate the successes of businesses and increase employee performance. If you are interested in how our experts in performance management can assist you in mastering the art of productivity, schedule a consult with an HR solution specialist and let us show you how we can help change your business for the better.

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