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The Effects of Remote Work on Small Businesses

Working remotely for a business that has never done so can be challenging. For a small business, that may not have the money or the resources to change delivery methods on such short notice, working remotely may not be feasible. The secret to remaining successful during this time is focusing on your purpose and remaining flexible.  Here are some ways to let remote work, work for you.

Figure out what services you can offer online

This is the time to get creative! You can offer and establish new services online that you may have never thought of or had the time to try in an in-person office space. For instance, reach out to your clients to offer a virtual webinar. Teach them something about your product, or show them features that may improve their user experience. You can use free platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, or create a Patreon account for your business. By using Patreon, you would be able to charge viewers a price you think is reasonable, and host webinars as often or as little as you’d like. Offering a free session first may allow clients to see what they would be purchasing in the future. This presents a new form of income for your business and the opportunities to reach out to a larger audience. 

What is your best product? Push it.

Perhaps there’s a product that isn’t doing too well this year. Maybe it’s your “travel pack” or the “party planner.” Re-evaluate its value. If the cost of production isn’t being reimbursed through sales; scrap it  for now. Identify what your top selling product is and push it! Not only push the product but what else can you sell in relation? For example, if your top seller is hot cocoa, you may investigate selling marshmallows and creating package deals for customers to buy. Figure out how you can sell less products and make more sales, while still being mindful of the financial hardships your customers may be facing. Study your clientele. Do you notice an influx of any new audiences? How can you target them? Use your best discernment to identify whether these trends will last in or out of a pandemic-like situation and modify your strategy to leverage your findings.

What long-term changes can you make? 

Start thinking of any long-term changes you can make to your company that establishes a virtual presence. COVID-19 is just one of many pandemics to occur. Look to the future and think about factors that may impact your business. For example, business travel oftentimes allows illnesses to travel with us. Create a business model that can easily transition between brick-and-mortar operations and a robust online platform. This means creating a strong online presence with a website that is easy to navigate for customers, and obtains information needed by employees. Start thinking of any employee positions you have that can stay virtual in the long run. What will you need to provide to employees to ensure that they are successful and still feel engaged with the company in a remote setting? 

Switching to a remote work setting may feel very daunting but remember that all the changes that you are facing and triumph now will be what makes your business stand out from the others. Now is the time to develop a business model that transforms your industry. For assistance in onboarding and recruiting remote employees or industry best practices and compliance management, contact SBS Payroll to request a demo of our HR technology.