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SBS HR Support Center: Ready Answers in an Uncertain Climate

Online Answers for Staying Current with Workplace Compliance Issues

When we say Payroll Done Right Means Doing More than Just Payroll, a big part of that is supporting your HR team with the tools and on-demand services needed to manage HR compliance and employee relations in a complex and often shifting regulatory environment. The SBS HR Support Center is an intelligent, streamlined, first-of-its-kind online HR portal with the answers you need.

Workforce Compliance Issues Continue to Multiply

Keeping up with workforce compliance rules and regulations has never been easy. But recent years have brought an increase in complexity that can overwhelm the ability of a human resources department to keep up. Layers of state and federal laws have been added or amended. The modern HR department must navigate compliance issues that didn’t even exist just a few years ago – and do it in an atmosphere of uncertainty that has policies being proposed at all levels of government.

Failing to keep up can expose a company to lawsuits, fines and other penalties even as multiple layers of government are considering and adopting laws that could remake the hiring process, impose new reporting requirements and broaden or change protections against discrimination.

From immigration to healthcare and equal pay, any number of the country’s most sharply debated issues can make their way into workplace policies. Or not. Knowing what you need to know as quickly as you need to know it requires nimble resources.

Fair Wages, Wage Bias Among Top Issues

Labor law experts say that fair wage and equal pay initiatives will continue to impact HR in 2018 and beyond. With the uncertainty that surrounds many federal regulatory issues, state and local governments are increasingly stepping into the gap, increasing the patchwork nature of workplace compliance law. States like California are leading the way on fair pay laws even as the federal government pulls back.

Whatever your issue, the powerful search and navigation capabilities of SBS HR Support Center will ensure that you are not caught short. You can search the entire site, specific pages within the site, and the contents of PDFs and other documents. Intuitive navigation keeps the focus on the most-searched HR topics, tools and resources so you can browse the site in the way that works best for you.

Personal & Customized Employee Experience

The SBS HR Support Center provides access to HR experts, training on-demand and instant notifications as answers are posted or new features are added. You can easily find laws and other content at-a-glance, filtered by state, topic or type. Favorite and Follow tools, along with robust user profiles, make it easy for you to find the content you need. Plus, with our HR on-demand service, you can pose questions directly to our HR pros.

Keep Up With HR News As It Happens

You can use our news desk to find the latest HR-related information, law changes, and other alerts. View the HR Pro Q&A Stream to see which topics are most popular and what questions are being asked. You can rate content across the site so we know what’s valuable to you.

The SBS HR Support Center contains many other features, functionality and information. Contact us to find out how to get started today.Contact us to learn about our HR support center services

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