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Support for Stressed HR Teams

Has there ever been an easy year to be a human resources professional?

The job has always come with a stack of hats no ordinary human could be expected to wear at one time. But lately? It seems as if all of the workplace’s most challenging issues have crash landed at once into the HR department. This is where SBS shines with our HR support services.

Today’s HR Challenges

Sexual harassment, pay equity, diversity and recreational drug use are just a few of the controversies the modern HR department is expected to tackle, while also juggling responsibilities that include managing cut-backs, recruiting, background screening, training, benefits, payroll, direct deposits, payroll taxes, monitoring minimum wage changes, sick and maternity leave changes, ACA reporting, and – let’s not forget – keeping up morale. That company ping pong tournament doesn’t just happen by itself.

Get any of it wrong and the consequences are no game. In many cases, HR is expected to get it all right on a shrinking budget.

Is it any wonder that burnout, retention and stress management strategies are a common theme within HR professional associations? A survey last year of 154 Society for Human Resources Management members showed two-thirds of respondents reporting experiencing burnout.

This is why SBS has supported organizations throughout Southern California with HR services for years, especially those with locations outside of California.

HR Support = Good Business 101

At SBS Payroll, we know how important a well-functioning Human Resources department is to the health of your organization. That’s why we pair our payroll services with a wide variety of HR support services and resources that provide organizations with everything from on-demand expertise to information management.

From add-on services to our fully integrated HR Information Management System, we provide solutions that make a difficult job a little easier. Our HR information platform combines payroll, benefits management and HR management information in one place, giving you access to a wide variety of information with the click of a mouse, including:

  • Online benefits enrollment
  • Billing reports and benefit communication
  • Open enrollment tracking
  • COBRA administration
  • Cafeteria Plan/HRA/HAS administration
  • Workers’ compensation claims tracking
  • Personnel file management
  • Job applicant tracking
  • Performance reviews
  • Online employee scheduling
  • Online file cabinet
  • PTO tracking

HR Support Saves Time You Can Use Better

Relying on SBS to stay on top of all of the above will save your HR team dozens and possibly hundreds of hours, to take action with confidence and without the stress caused by not knowing exactly what to do according to the law and best practices.

The time savings can be used by your HR department for things that are a lot more rewarding than shuffling paper, or worrying about keeping up with changes in the regulatory landscape. Things like exploring new employee benefits and other morale boosters. Ping pong anyone?

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