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4 ways companies can recruit high-quality candidates

July was a strong month in terms of job growth and and a steadier unemployment rate. According to data released by the U.S. Department of Labor, the latter statistic is holding at 4.9%. Although economists were hoping for the figure to drop one-tenth of a percent, the current rate is still a good indication. On the other hand, experts thought 180,000 jobs would be created in the month of July. Instead, around 255,000 positions were added. 

WWXI News stated that these figures are likely due to minimum wage and average work week increases. Companies in a variety of industries can take advantage of these statistics to find and hire more valuable employees. Let’s take a look at four ways businesses can recruit high-quality candidates:

1. Be cognizant of medium
Depending on the industry, people will most likely search certain places to find job offerings. For example, applicants looking for work in the ecommerce market probably won’t look for positions via physical flyers or job fairs. Instead, they’ll aim to find information regarding employment online. It’s critical for companies and their human resources teams to be cognizant of the medium they’re using to disperse materials, according to Entrepreneur. By understanding their audience, businesses can utilize the best outreach method possible.

Companies need to understand how their potential candidates are searching for jobs to create the best outreach.

2. Utilize the “seven Cs”
Every organization has its own criteria for finding and selecting best people for specific jobs. While each group of leaders should work together to come up with this list of necessities, there are certain basic qualities or traits HR teams can look for during their search. Alan Hall, the founder of Grow America, listed the following “seven Cs” as strong considerations during the recruitment process:

  • Competent.
  • Capable.
  • Compatible.
  • Commitment.
  • Character.
  • Culture.
  • Compensation.

It’s all about finding potential workers that are the best fit for a business. If even one of these elements is off, companies could end up making the wrong hire. Organizations need to decide if they’re willing to compromise on any of these elements before hiring begins so everyone on the recruitment side is on the same page.

“Job descriptions should focus on what the company can do for its employees.”

3. Create employee-oriented job descriptions
Everyone’s read a post about an open position that starts out strong only to fall apart as it continues. As a result, good candidates may be deterred from applying, leaving businesses with people who don’t meet their needs or expectations.

Instead of writing a laundry list of responsibilities and requirements, organizations should focus on detailing what their operation can do for its potential workers, according to Business News Daily. This “Needs/Supplies” approach gives applicants a clearer idea of what their obligations their possible employer holds itself to. The outcome could be candidates who are a great fit.

4. Ask for referrals
Looking to bring on people that exhibit a similar work ethic as your current workforce? Businesses should ask their employees if they have any referrals for job openings. Not only will people likely only suggest candidates that would likely make good workers, but applicants will get a strong idea of what the position and company is like, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. This way, applicants already know they’re interested in the opportunity and are better able to hit the ground running if and when they’re hired. On the organization’s end, this practice can result in better retention and performance, as well as increased morale.

The recruitment process is an important element of the hiring process for companies. Of course, the screening and interviewing portion of the procedure is also critical, but finding the best candidates from the beginning can save businesses a lot of time. As more jobs are created in the U.S. – especially if the trend continues as it did in July – organizations should continue to improve how they recruit valuable applicants.

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