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How Outside Payroll Expertise Boosted Bottom Line at Oil Industry Business

The investors who bought PPS Operators, LLC last year found a winning strategy. Making the most of their new investment meant they needed to focus on their core business of providing support to the oil and gas industry. That meant weeding out inefficiencies like the in-house payroll processing that was costing four employees nearly half of their time.

One of the first things they initiated was a search for outside payroll expertise.

They wanted a company big enough take care of everything involving the company’s biweekly payroll for about 95 employees, including managing the burden of multistate payroll compliance obligations. With offices in Texas, California and Pennsylvania, and employees who also live in West Virginia, New York and Ohio, the company, which provides oil well testing and support, was subject to a web of different requirements. Managers had their hands full trying to keep up.

But they also wanted a company “small enough to care.” That company was SBS Payroll.

SBS Payroll Does the Work So Company Can Keep Its Focus on the Oil Business

A year and a half later they are still reaping the benefits of being able to refocus the work of three full-time employees to more strategic roles.  Download our case study and learn more about how SBS and its sister company Payroll Tax Management saved PPS Operators time, money and worry.

Increased Revenues and Decreased Stress Levels

Highlights from this case study include:

  • Reliable and secure payroll integrated with service from SBS Payroll’s sister company Payroll Tax Management.
  • Company employees no longer have the stress of keeping up with complicated tax and payroll laws that change from state to state.
  • Significant time savings freed up key employees to work on building the company’s client base and other strategic roles.
  • PPS Operators saw a 20% increase in company revenues through Q3 2018. Of that revenue growth, 75% was attributed to an employee shift from payroll taxes to sales.
  • The estimated cost savings was $225,000 for the time of four employees who had been spending at least 40% of their time on payroll tasks.
  • The transition was easy thanks to the client-centered customer service offered by SBS.

If multistate payroll headaches are keeping you up at night, contact SBS Payroll today to find out how we can help you get back to focusing on your business with secure, reliable and customized payroll services, software and expertise. Our clients have the added edge that comes from access to an even broader array of services provided through our sister companies Payroll Tax Management and Time Rack. We are a network of companies providing end-to-end payroll solutions from payroll taxes to ACH direct deposit processing to integrated time and attendance solutions and HR.

Call us or click on the link below to learn more.Contact Us to Learn More about SBS Payroll

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