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5 Reasons to Consider SBS Your HCM Partner

Though there are many reasons to consider using SBS Payroll for your payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration, and HR services needs, here are the top five reasons to consider us as your human capital management (HCM) partner.

We’re Your Payroll & HR Coach

Get To Know Us and How We Can Help Your Business

We offer a comprehensive suite of HCM services from a group of people who are dedicated to serving your business needs and at a price you can afford.

Who is SBS Payroll?

  • Experienced payroll providers in Southern California since 1997
  • An experienced executive team setting industry standards
  • Streamlined payroll, HR, benefits, and time and attendance products
  • Core values that are customer and service focused
  • Long term customers of 20+ years

At the end of the day, we’re your coach! We’ll get you through the ins and outs of changing laws, compliance, best practices and company-wide communication about your employees.

Employee Tracking

How Are You Tracking Your Employees?

We’ve asked this question over the years to employers and we’ve heard it all. There are employers tracking certifications, continuing education, time off requests, terminations, onboarding – and the list goes on. Do you use Excel, Word, Post-It Notes, or perhaps a cocktail napkin to keep track of your employee data? Say no more.

Our HCM services include:

  • One time employee data entry
  • Cloud-based system and data storage
  • Process employee data across departments – HR, Accounting, Benefits and Payroll
  • Employee self-service

HCM solutions provide efficiencies by taking advantage of cloud-based technology and a single platform that multiple departments can use particularly with keeping track of employee data. It’s more than just payroll.

Customer Service Matters

Everyone Says It, But We Mean It: Customer Service Matters!

So you have your payroll, HR, benefit administration and time and attendance handled, but what happens when you have a question or two? Will your provider be available to assist you or even answer the phone? These things matter when choosing your payroll processing provider.

SBS customer service:

  • We always answer our phones
  • Single point of contact
  • No question is too small
  • W2 and ACA compliance assistance
  • Program options to fit your needs

If you’re not sure which of our programs is right for you, give us a call. Let’s get started with exceptional customer service today by answering your HCM questions.

Simplified Billing

Reduce Your Payroll Costs

Finally: a billing structure that makes good dollars and cents.

Right about now is the point where we advise potential customers to stop wasting money with complicated and costly payroll billing. Most payroll providers charge per payroll, setting employers up for unpredictable fees and extra charges.

SBS Payroll simplified billing:

  • Per active employee pricing
  • No hidden fees for direct deposit, or payroll tax filing
  • Change the number of active employees at any time
  • Predictable payroll costs

Each of these benefits addresses one thing – your ability to avoid complicated nickel and diming in order to save money. Now you can predict your payroll costs each month with our simplified billing structure.

One Month Free Offer*

Contact Us Today & Say “Yes” to ONE MONTH FREE!

We’ve hit the end of the road here with the benefits a modern day workforce solution like HCM from SBS Payroll can offer. It’s more than just payroll. At this point, we might as well sweeten up the deal with an offer of ONE MONTH FREE service, right?!

If you believe that you can benefit from a single platform and one time data entry, simplified billing, and awesome customer service then let’s get you a demo and a month of free service.

*Must process for 90 days to receive one month free and applies to new clients only.

Contact SBS Payroll today to learn more about our HCM services

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