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Government Construction Contractors Nail Compliance with Mobile Payroll

Operating a construction company or crew is a complicated job, even on a good day. But for government contractors who have to submit detailed weekly certified payroll filings, the complications can pile up like lumber on a job site.

From managing multiple job sites to keeping up with weekly mandatory reporting of every employee’s wages, benefits, work assignments and hours, government contract compliance requires a lot of work. And with employees who work remotely or on-the-go, government contract employers need a flexible solution to stay organized. A cloud-based mobile option can keep construction professionals and their businesses on track.

Mobile Payroll Solutions

Mobile payroll is a cloud-based solution that offers all the benefits of compliant, secure payroll in an accessible package. Instead of dealing with time-consuming tasks like time tracking, onboarding, and manual reporting, mobile payroll helps contractors manage their business from a single platform.

Mobile payroll features include:

  • Job costing functionality
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Remote and group/crew time clocks
  • Mobile employee dashboard
  • Time off requests and vacation scheduling
  • Union reporting
  • Certified payroll reporting
  • OSHA management and reporting
  • Worker’s compensation tracking

Flexible and customizable features leave contractors more time to focus on running a business and less time worrying about government compliance. Not only can mobile payroll result in better employee engagement, but having real-time data available helps professionals make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

Mobile payroll platforms streamline reporting by offering multiple, secure access points from tablets and smartphones. They have added benefits for workers as well, allowing them to view their pay stubs and easily track their deductions and taxes.

Compliance Made Easier

Aside from ensuring that laborers get the right pay for their work, workplace compliance includes additional requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Affordable Care Act. Mobile payroll makes sure that government contractors can keep up, even when their employees are scattered across multiple work sites.

With the right cloud solution, contractors can automate a wide range of payroll and HR tasks, reduce errors, and improve their bottom line.

At SBS Payroll, we provide solutions designed to make it easier for our clients to manage workplace compliance requirements so they can spend more time building things, like their businesses.

Our clients have access to additional solutions provided by our sister companies Payroll Tax Management and Time Rack.

Call us or click on the link below to learn how we can help you streamline workplace compliance and get back to work.Contact Us to Learn More about mobile payroll solutions

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