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Getting Your Small Business Idea Off the Ground

You’ve got a great idea for a new business. But when it comes to finding the funding to get it launched, an old idea can work just as well: look to the businesses that have come before you to see what worked for them.

Apple, FedEx, Tesla and Build-A-Bear Workshop are among many successful corporations that received financial assistance from the Small Business Investment Company.

The Small Business Investment Company, known as the SBIC, is a partnership between private investors and the Small Business Administration. It was created by Congress about 50 years ago to provide a flow of long-term capital to America’s small businesses.

SBIC Helped a Few Companies You May Have Heard of

The SBIC provided $6 billion in financing to small businesses in 2016. Some of the country’s most successful corporations received funding from SBIC during their early stages of development including:

  • Costco
  • Apple
  • Intel
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Staples
  • Tesla
  • FedEx
  • Jenny Craig
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Outback Steakhouse

As part of the program, private investors participate as limited partners and invest funds that the U.S. Small Business Administration matches with $2 for every $1. The typical investment is made over a three-year period and usually involves both a loan and an equity share of ownership.

Today’s robust economy has been fueled by the success of businesses helped by the SBIC. America is experiencing the 92nd consecutive month of job creation with a net increase of 223,000 new jobs, the New York Times reported in June. Two out of three net new jobs in the U.S. are created by small businesses, according to the SBA.

This is a boon for recent college graduates who are getting snapped up by employers struggling to fill positions with unemployment at less than 2%, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics.

With the economy heating up and investment help available, there’s no reason to put your entreprenerial ambitions on hold.

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