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Empower Your Workforce with The HCM Solution

Payroll Done Right Means Doing More than Just Payroll

Though our name calls to our payroll roots, our clients need a more well-rounded solution that addresses more of their frustrations and pain points. As a result, our services now include time and attendance, benefits administration and a variety of other HR services.

The HCM Solution

The collection of these HR services comprise our human capital management (HCM) solution. However our HCM solution is customized, we can eliminate much of the administration burden faced by HR departments in small and mid-sized businesses and other organizations throughout Southern California, from LA to Orange County to the Inland Empire to San Diego County. We help HR professionals and business owners stay on top of employment laws, HR best practices and how to get the most out of your HCM software.

Stay on Top of Employee Changes

Life stands still for no one, so employers have a hard time keeping up with the life changes of all of their employees, from changes in benefits to vacation requests to getting their signature on the latest company policy. You can stop keeping track of employee information with our employee self-service capabilities combined with our HR services.

The Tip of the Iceberg

The example above is but one of many examples on how we can make your life easier. Find out more by talking with one of our HCM experts to start seeing how we can relieve your burden, so you can focus more on employee development, morale, retention, and other higher-level HR initiatives.Contact us for an HCM consultation today

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