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Employee Perks Go Out-of-the-Box, and Then Some

While you might not be surprised to find trendy tech and media companies providing their employees with nap rooms and in-house massages, they are not the only businesses vying to come up with out-of-the-box employee “perks.”

In an increasingly tight labor market, human resource departments in every variety of business may have to get really creative to keep up:

  • Automattic, the owner of, operates as a fully remote company with employees around the world who keep in touch through a custom blogging platform. According to their website, Automattic offers an open (no limit!) vacation and parental leave policy, childcare vouchers, allowances for home office and/or co-working needs, a paid sabbatical every five years, and fully-paid team and company conferences worldwide.
  • Transunion, the credit reporting agency, boasts a wide variety of benefits like adoption assistance, monthly wellness programs, walking and biking workstations, ergonomic desks and chairs, game rooms, and the essential candy jars on every floor.
  • Real estate and coworking giant WeWork tops its extensive list of perks with free breakfasts and snacks, beer on tap, free “micro-roasted coffee from barista-serviced café,” on-site childcare, and unlimited sick days.
  • Healthy foods company KIND has a Hardship Fund, which supports employees and their families in times of need. “In the face of financial challenge, we’ll be there to help get you back on your feet,” their website says.
  • iCracked, a mobile smart device repair service, provides its employee with a company yacht. Yes, you read that correctly. Employees have full access and are encouraged to “relax on the water and enjoy the lush views in Redwood Shores.”

Employees Feeling the Love in a Tight Job Market

While you probably don’t need to own a company yacht to compete, the trend is one that clearly challenges the traditional concept of employee benefits and a 9-5 world. From flexible work times and PTO to child care assistance and programs that focus on helping their workers eat and live healthily, a growing number of employers are taking the concept of employee appreciation to new heights.

While some go above and beyond, taking their work perks to creative new places – if you love lip sync battles and college games like foosball and beer pong, AOL and Boost Media are the places to be – others are offering more pragmatic benefits.

AOL provides nap rooms and Adobe and Yahoo offer an array of practical perks like vehicle-maintenance services, haircuts, dental care, dry cleaning, and an exclusive farmer’s market.

SBS HR Support Services Can Help You Keep Up

Whatever your company culture and benefits package, SBS can help you keep up – providing “perk guidance” as well as software and support for all of your payroll and HR needs.

Our clients have access to a comprehensive portfolio of payroll and HR services that includes human capital management software that can streamline everything from benefits to regulatory compliance. It’s efficient, user-friendly and secure – reducing risk and saving time. And time, of course, is the ultimate perk.

You can use it to focus on your business, like shopping for that new yacht or a foosball table.Contact us to learn about our HR support center services

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