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How to Be Up-To-Date With Labor Law Posters

With hundreds of constantly changing federal, state and local labor laws, keeping up with posting requirements is a near-impossible task. Do you know how often state and federal labor laws are amended?

As policies on everything from workplace safety to family leave to wage and unemployment policies undergo shifts and amendments, it’s the responsibility of businesses to keep up and to make sure their employees know how these laws affect them.

The Challenge: Posting Up-to-Date State, Federal and Local Labor Laws

Businesses that fail to keep their labor law posters current and visible are vulnerable to employee lawsuits and thousands of dollars in fines.

For some regulations, posters are regulated by size, color, fonts, layouts, and other design specifications.

When employees are spread out across multiple offices or even across multiple states, the responsibility gets even more complicated.

Staying up to date requires obtaining updated posters from the U.S. Department of Labor along with individual state labor departments, as well as keeping tabs on when law changes render your current posters out-of-date. A wide variety of laws and regulations require posters, but not all businesses are subject to the same laws.

And government agencies do not provide alerts when new laws go into effect.

On top of state and federal regulations, many county and city regulations must be posted as well. For businesses subject to labor laws in multiple jurisdictions, compliance can be a nightmare.

The Solution: A Labor Law Workplace Poster Update Service

Don’t let keeping up with labor law posters overwhelm your human resources department. With a labor law poster update service, your HR team will have year-round, guaranteed posting compliance. A compliance poster subscription service covers everything you are required to display, with monitoring and updates provided as needed, and email alerts to let you know when there are updates on the way.

Services That Will Keep You Updated

Comprehensive payroll and HR services often offer these poster service options to keep you updated:

1. E-Update Service

As posting requirements change, an e-update service will automatically email you an updated, print-ready poster. Some services like SBS Payroll will even send an updated all-in-one state and federal labor law poster on your subscription anniversary.

2. Poster Replacement Service

Whenever mandatory federal and state labor law posting requirements are updated, a poster replacement service will automatically ship you a fresh, all-in-one state and federal labor law replacement poster. All you need to do is replace your old poster on the wall with the new one when it arrives.

Get Started Today

Keeping your labor law postings up to date doesn’t have to be chore. With a simple and cost-effective subscription service, you’ll never have to worry about whether you are meeting your poster requirements under the law.Contact SBS about the Labor Law Poster Update Service

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