Build Things without Distraction: Let Us Handle Your Payroll & HR Headaches

Conducting weekly payroll flawlessly while tracking attendance and hours worked, managing employee schedules, and ensuring compliance with certified payroll requirements and regulations are just a few challenges we tackle for construction companies.

We help you minimize the time spent on these tasks, while improving accuracy. Our cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software offers payrolltime trackingACA compliance, and streamlined new employee onboarding – all in one technology. Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and complicated, disparate tools that require importing and exporting and duplicate data entry.

Once all your payroll info is in our HCM software, our hands-on payroll and HR services ensure flawless payroll and that you are compliant with all employment laws.

Certified Payroll

If you work with the federal government, any public sector agency in the State of California, or any other state with prevailing wage laws, we can streamline the certified payroll tracking and reporting process to reduce your team’s workload by dozens of hours, every month.

Our HCM solution’s time and attendance module tracks all employee time spent on government projects, along with their hourly wages, and automatically configures signature-ready reports in both federal and state formats.

Imported time clock data and secure storage for payroll information also helps to eliminate access issues and human error.

Mobile App

Our HCM mobile app is like a time clock in your employees’ pockets, makes it easy for them to clock in and out and view all of their payroll information. Our mobile app then streamlines management review and approvals. Other features include:

  • Group or crew punching
  • GPS location
  • Create and submit time off requests
  • View accrual balances
  • View pay stubs
  • Change tax withholdings
  • Stored logins
  • Full offline punch entry support


Our HCM solution gives you everything you need to have visibility into payroll and productivity

  • Executive dashboard
  • Union reporting including deductions and benefits
  • Certified payroll
  • ACA reporting

Other Ways We Lighten Your Workload

Here are a few other SBS solutions to make your life easier:

  • Job cost functionality
  • Labor distribution
  • OSHA management and reporting
  • Tracking worker’s compensation and pay-as-you-go options