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5 Ways SBS Makes Open Enrollment a Breeze for Brokers

While open enrollment may still be months away, the data collection season is nearly upon those poor benefits brokers whose clients still have to pull all the employee details together the old-fashioned way.

After a few (read: multiple) reminders and the occasional (guaranteed) piecemeal addition of something or somebody overlooked, it all comes together eventually, culminating in a one to two-month period in late fall when everybody gets to choose a benefits plan.

When it all goes well, employees will have been re-enrolled or enrolled in a package of employee benefits that works for them, with everybody paying a share they can manage.

Benefits, as the name suggests, are a good thing. The process, however, often feels like something else. Just ask a broker.

The marriage of open enrollment and 21st century digital tools, however, can help put the benefit back in “benefits.”

Here are five ways we’ve simplified the process with HR Solutions and a digital broker portal that has made SBS the benefits broker’s new best friend.

1. Access to Detailed Census Information with a Click

Waiting for clients to provide the census information needed to start the process of shopping for benefits can leave a broker with a huge interruption. For employers, this yearly affair can be complicated by employee turnover, the creation of new staff positions, changes in household size or decisions to switch to a different benefit level.

Are you stressed yet? No worries:  Brokers who have SBS have access to everything they need with the click of a mouse, taking the burden off employers and providing the brokers with more time to shop for benefits, which may lead to a better deal for the employer and employees. It’s a win-win-win.

2. No More Paper Packets

The broker portal lets the benefits broker create digital links to the various benefits offerings, so they don’t have to waste time stuffing folders and employees don’t have to waste time filling out forms manually. Employees can log in on their own time to review their options and complete the enrollment process. Digital enrollment saves time and reduces errors.

3. End Last-Minute Employer Information Gathering

Employer procrastination will no longer thwart a broker’s efforts to do a good job shopping around for benefits. Why? Because all the employer has to do is provide access to the broker portal where the information is instantly accessible. Clients who have to pull this information together with any sort of manual effort are likely to put it off, waiting for a little extra time that never seems to happen.

4. Save Employees Time and Effort

When employees can peruse, choose and manage their benefit options online instead of having to dig through paper packets, they can do it on their own time from anywhere. Online enrollment means data doesn’t have to be transferred from paper to data entry – an inefficient process that introduces opportunity for error.

5. Digital Processes that Boost Recruiting Efforts

A digital benefits platform is more than a time-saver; it’s a way for employees to maintain access to information they need. It helps them make better choices and lets them do so on their own time. Digital convenience may be a benefit in itself, but modern employees are more likely to view it as an expectation for how things are done in the 21st century. No matter how good your benefits may be, stacks of paper forms do not show them in their best light.

Let SBS Payroll Show You How You Can Benefit

At SBS Payroll we take the hassle out of enrollment for our broker partners, making the process of accessing their clients’ information quick and easy. We also don’t compete with benefits brokers by providing benefit packages. We are a payroll provider that provides additional tools for streamlining HR functions so that our small and mid-size business clients can focus on running their businesses instead of managing a lot of paper-clogged processes. Our HR Solutions include online enrollment, open enrollment tracking, COBRA administration and more.

We help benefits brokers streamline the process of enrolling employees in the right package of benefits with easy-to-use digital features that makes the process more of a benefit for everyone. If you are a broker who’d like to learn more about how your clients can benefit from SBS, give us a call or click on the link below. Be sure to ask about how your clients can get 3 months of bundled HR and COBRA administration benefits free after 12 months of SBS services.
Contact Us to Learn More about Benefits Enrollment through our Broker Portal

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