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10 Things You Can Do in 2019 to Improve Your Payroll and HR Processes

Many people use a new year as an opportunity to improve their physical fitness, making resolutions to hit the gym more often, or start taking the stairs.

We can’t really help you with that, except to wish you good luck! But a new year is also a good time to think about ways to improve your business. What’s working? What isn’t? We can help you with that.

Here are 10 things you can do in 2019 to get your payroll and HR processes into better shape:

1. Make a plan: Review your processes. Evaluate your efforts. Do you need to make changes to improve efficiency and reduce expenses? Set goals that you can accomplish before the end of the first quarter.

2. Simplify: Streamline Human Resources without the mess of multi-vendor sourcing. HCM software can provide you with an all-in-one solution that can save you time and money and simplify dreary processes like having to repeatedly enter the same data into multiple places.

3. Expand: Unlike your gym goals, shaping up in the business context means taking advantage of opportunities to get wider. If your business is planning for multistate expansion, make sure your payroll processes are ready to grow with you.

4. Learn: Add to your expertise. From multistate payroll tax rules to new workplace laws, take the time to keep up with regulations and best practices. Make sure you understand what is required around federal (FUTA) and state (SUI) unemployment taxes. The rules vary from state to state, and are complex, especially for companies with workers who cross state lines.

5. Know What You Don’t Know: Don’t try to do everything. Consider processes where you might be better served by reaching out to the experts. Third-party payroll help, including payroll tax management or time and attendance solutions, can help you do more with less.

6. Update: Make sure you’re taking advantage of the digital tools you need to get things done with fewer errors and less time. Having your payroll, time and attendance, and HR tools synchronized will end duplicate data entry and give you access to reporting you can leverage for even greater efficiencies.

7. Decorate: Avoid compliance penalties by being sure to keep the required labor law posters up to date and easy to see.

8. Get a Check-up: Are you spending too much on payroll processing? Have that suspicious feeling checked out by a professional. Contact SBS for a free payroll check-up and find out what your processes are really costing you.

9. End Your Bad Relationship: Despite all those song lyrics, breaking up is not necessarily hard to do. If your current payroll system is not working for you, it’s time to get back out there and start meeting some new people. Check our our 5-step implementation plan and learn how easy it can be.

10. Take a Break: Fill your coffee mug. Put your feet up. Creative ideas often flow when you give yourself a little time and space to relax. It’s true! There are studies and everything. You’re welcome.

Let Us Help You Get the Most Out of 2019

At SBS Payroll we put our clients first in everything we do. Our commitment to providing first-rate customer care and a comprehensive line of payroll products and services allow you to focus on your core business.

Our clients also have access to a range of services through our network of sister companies Payroll Tax Management and Time Rack. Call us or click on the link below to learn how we can provide a customized payroll solution for you. Contact Us to Learn More about SBS Payroll

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